Join me on a voyage to the wilds of southern Chile in the final decade of the 20th century…

The world–and the country–have changed since my family moved from the Chiloé Islands more than 25 years ago. Yet, as the philosopher observed, some things never change. In my case, I’ve never been able to get this microcosm of incredible beauty and equally incredible pain and need out of my head or heart. Here I’ll attempt to share that experience with a circle of readers and friends, while serving your interests as well.

“A good word makes the heart glad” — Proverbs 12:25 

As I journey toward publication of my Inspirational (Christian) New Adult Romantic Adventures, featuring Chile in a recent-past setting, I look forward to your input. Nine novels are already written and in various stages of critique and preparation. My 10th is almost finished! Check out the blurbs and excerpts under Seaglass Books. Share your thoughts with me via Seaglass Blog, where I’ll continue to reveal story background and steps in the process of transforming the broken bits of our lives into amazing works of art. Seaglass Blog will normally be updated on Mondays.

My desire in Seaglass Sagas is to:

  • please my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to give Him joy
  • give joy to the world through inspiring, entertaining, and challenging readers
  • “finish my course (job, assignment, book!) with joy” (Acts 20:24).

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