Diana Delacruz

Month: December 2018

A Smile for Jesus

Gifts for Jesus, bucket list reimagined

A scowl, more like a low growl… that’s what I felt like giving the little girl who crashed into my cart at the supermarket this morning. Instead, I offered her a smile for Jesus’ sake. Call it my present for the Savior today, and you know what? It even worked to defuse both her tension …

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3 Life Lessons from NaNoWriMo

transforming power of story

Besides a good story, what can you discover in a month-long Writing Marathon? During November, in between Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas baking, housecleaning and houseguests, speaking at a women’s retreat and hosting two parties–I wrote 50,289 words in 30 days. That’s around 200 pages, as part of Anchor at Alcázar Reef, my Work-in-Progress, which will soon …

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