Diana Delacruz

Month: January 2019

How’s Your WIP Coming Along?

In writer’s terminology, a WIP is a Work-in-Progress. Our lives, like my books, are a work-in-progress. They’re in process. In preparation, on the path to perfection. When friends ask (some with dubious confidence, I suspect) how my latest project, Anchor at Alcázar Reef, is coming along, I share about four factors that indicate the status …

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Reimagine Your Bucket List

Instead of ringing in 2019 armed with a list of well-meant resolutions or creating an ambitious strategy to accomplish your goals, why not consider a makeover of the Bucket List idea? This year I’ve resolved: Enough with the endless catalogue of what I dream of doing before I kick the bucket—whether it’s climb the Eiffel …

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