Diana Delacruz

Month: February 2019

Adding the Extra to Ordinary

The Bucket List Reimagined #5, Adding Extra to Ordinary

Miles from home, we were locked out of our pickup, under torrential rain that hadn’t let up for more than a few hours in months. No family–no friends with vehicles–no co-workers within a three-hour drive. With two preschoolers in tow, I stood ankle-deep in mud and watched my husband, on homemade wooden crutches following major …

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Is Marriage a Mission Impossible?

marriage, life purpose, meaning, significance in relationships

Could ten women be wrong? A book I read recently featured nine counselees and their therapist, who took turns sharing their life stories. Though it was fiction, my takeaway point was… their view of marriage was scary! Not one woman in ten held the God-ordained institution in very high esteem. You would think the Creator had designed …

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