Diana Delacruz

Month: July 2019

New Legends of Chiloé

Hope Chest, Chilote woods, temperate rain forest, new legends of Chiloé transforming power of story

“If you want to change the world, pick up a pen,” Martin Luther said—and did. Thirty-two years ago, as a young wife and mother in the (almost) godforsaken Islands of Chiloé, I decided I wanted to change the strangely delusional world I lived in. So I picked up a pen and began to write some …

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The Gift of Grit

handful of sand, gift of grit, grit and sandpaper, perseverance and discipline, tenacity

If I possess a hundred gifts and talents, but lack the discipline and determination to put them to work, of what good are they? All our graciously bestowed gifts can’t benefit anyone—even ourselves—without the gift of grit to wisely persevere in using them. “Grit,” according to my dictionary, has several intriguing definitions. Aside from its …

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Total Eclipse

total eclipse of the sun, solar eclipse, bucket list reimagined, droplet gift #12

Amid last week’s furor in Chile over the total eclipse of the sun, I was reminded of those times when we provoke a total eclipse of the gifts God has blessed us with. Some days we’re tempted to hide our lights and obscure the talents we’ve received by grace. In our area near the Elqui …

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