Diana Delacruz

Month: August 2019

Beach Benefits

beach benefits, life's better at the beach, transforming choice of joy, large piece of reflecting seaglass on a rocky beach

As beach season spikes in North America—and we shake off winter’s grip in our area of South America—why don’t I make that 5-minute skip down the hill to the beach more often? Good question. After all, it’s farther for me to buy groceries than to enjoy those beach benefits. “The beach is calling, and I …

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The Slow Road to Sainthood

turtle on beach, slow road to sainthood, droplet gift #14, bucket list reimagined

Yes, I know we evangelicals believe that every born-again believer is a saint, in the positional sense. Through the grace of Jesus Christ, we’ve already been set apart for a holy calling. We’ve arrived. But practically? Rather than any fast-track path, most of us—myself included—still plod along the slow road to sainthood. Back in our …

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