Diana Delacruz

Month: September 2019

Let’s Party!

let's party, fireworks, Chilean 4th of July, 18th of September, Fiestas Patrias, let's party, happy anniversary, feliz dieciocho, come to the banquet, party power

I LOVE parties! Don’t you? Recently sifting through several albums of photos—print and digital—reminded me of the many parties I’ve given over the course of my life. Today, let’s party. Of course, when I extend that invitation, you know I don’t mean, “Let’s go out boozing, or carousing,” or …whatever the currently popular term is. …

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How to Leave a Legacy

The Transforming Impact of Investment, Legacy the Next Generation, How to Leave a Legacy, a legacy for the future, invest in people, chest of coins on a beach

A lot of hype among the world’s great names these days revolves around the idea of bequeathing an enduring legacy of accomplishment. We all use the incredible treasure of life in different ways, but to leave a legacy worth passing on, we must invest our time on earth, rather than merely spend it. When I …

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Happy Labor Days

Bucket List Reimagined #16, 100 Droplet Gifts, Happy Labor Days, Labor Day, work and play, work is our happiness, view of sunset through ship's porthole

Labor Laetitia Nostra—“Work is our happiness”—is an old Latin motto that a lot of people would probably dispute these days. But with a change of outlook, many of the Labor Days of our lives—whether fishing, driving, or keyboarding—could metamorphose into a Long Weekend Bash. “The secret of happiness,” said J. M. Barrie (the creator of …

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