Diana Delacruz

Month: July 2020

Keeping the Windows Clean

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My mother-in-law (AKA Mrs. Cleanhouse) has always had an obsession with washing windows. Smudges and fingerprints I never would have noticed, she attacked with more than a vengeance—a passion. No wonder her solarium grew lush and verdant. The secret lay in keeping those huge windows clean. Last week I talked of stained clothes, today it’s …

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Stitching Stories from Stains

stitching stories, stitching, don't take me home, droplet gift #25, bucket list reimagined, quilting, stories, quilt patterns, restoration, Chile, Chilean, arpilleras, quilts, Angélica De la Cruz, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, Chiloé Islands, Sunbonnet Sue, Log Cabin, stains, patches, patchwork, appliqué, mess, smudgestories from stains,

God is in the restoration business. He reminded me today after a candle scorched our anniversary tablecloth. The marred keepsake will likely join my pile of patchwork possibilities, because in our family, we’ve been stitching stories from stains for years. It’s tempting to mourn the losses. But it’s also comforting to realize that’s okay. “God …

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Help Me Find “The Blue Cup”

the blue cup, cup, blue teacup and saucer, bucket list reimagined #23, 100 droplet gifts, prize speaking, broken things, high school, Maine, homesickness, nostalgia, blue, tea, story, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa, destiny

On the path to publishing Destiny at Dolphin Bay, I recently re-encountered the scene with the broken dishes during the earthquake, along with Melissa’s regret over missing a school drama competition. Her entry, a monologue called “The Blue Cup,” flows from my own extra-curricular accomplishments. Can anybody help me find “The Blue Cup”? I’ll confess …

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