Diana Delacruz

Month: September 2020

How Soccer Wins the Game of Life

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Don’t laugh because this unathletic writer has found more to say about soccer. The fútbol theme makes its cameo appearance in so many of my stories. I just noted it’s on page 18 of my very first book, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, which isn’t remotely about sports. So I didn’t plan that. Soccer just pops …

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How Soccer Rules the World

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If Michael Jordan and Pelé (if you have to ask, the joke’s for you) were walking down the street together anywhere except North America, 99% of the people would ask, “Who’s that guy with Pelé?” That’s how soccer rules the world. Because everybody from Manchester to Moscow, Montevideo to Melbourne, knows soccer. Everybody may not …

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Picnic Paradise

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It’s official. For one of the few times in 210 years, Fiestas Patrias, Chile’s patriotic celebration beginning on September 18th, is canceled in our city. What only the military coup of 1973 could accomplish before, the Covid-19 pandemic has now put into effect. We won’t miss the 3-day Booze Bash, but we’ll long for the …

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Art Therapy

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The stories that turn up in The Quarantine Tales have highlighted many of the themes threaded through my work. I’ve discovered that one of my favorite topics is ART (as July’s posts indicate). Art therapy touches our hearts. Even my books are purposed to tease beauty out of barren places and broken people. “The earth …

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