Diana Delacruz

Month: November 2020

He Was There All the Time

there all the time, He was there all the time, Bucket List Reimagined #28, 100 Droplet Gifts, seeing the invisible, seeing the big picture, seeing in back side, Lord don't take me home until, eyes opened, God's presence, understanding, God's goodness, Satan's lies, find, footsteps

Of course, you remember the classic meme where a woman reviews her life by means of a series of footprints on the beach. She wonders why God disappeared at the most difficult moments of her life, but it turns out He carried her then. He was there all the time. Recently a dear friend spoke …

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Back to the Beginning

back to the beginning, 100 droplet gifts, bucket list reimagined #27, looking back, writing, first love, first words, first steps, beginning, heaven, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa Travis, Pursuit of the Pudú Deer, Chile, Chiloé Islands

My writing ministry file, labeled 20:24:28, holds almost 400 digital pages right now. The other day, as I finished my blog series on story motifs, I scrolled back to the beginning of the document and discovered some interesting points that I should review more often. In a lot more areas of life, it’s a good …

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Behind My Mask

behind my mask, the transforming power of story, God motifs, as if, masks, questions, answers, challenge, gritting my teeth, holding back sobs, wearing no makeup, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa, Legacy of the Linnebrink Light, Pursuit of the Pudú, love, God, learn, Swan Island Secrets, Coni, Winds of Andulucía, Valeria, destiny, identity, beauty, independence, stories, life

Can I share a secret? Hiding behind my mask, I’ve saved a bundle this year on face cream, lipstick, and even (gasp!) toothpaste. What I’ll look like when I finally emerge from the cocoon may alarm the neighbors.   We so often leave unattended what nobody else can see, where no outsider will notice. You …

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6 Educational Secrets

educational secrets, the transforming power of story, never stop learning, school motifs, Melissa, Cristina, Coni, Swan Pose, learning, teaching, Paul, Jesus, lessons, educational philosophy, rest, wisdom, good sense, weapon, source, feast, fire, books, Sproul quote, Lewis quote, Seaglass Sagas, mind, secret

“I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry,” says the Apostle Paul (Phil. 4:12). That pretty much sums up my educational secrets: Abundance and hunger. Fullness and need. Prosperity, humility. We stuff our minds with new facts and ideas, and still we know, there’s always more to learn. A good story always …

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This Homesick World

homesick world, this homesick world, homesick, nostalgia, home motifs, home,the transforming power of story, Chile, Chiloé Islands, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa Travis, Nicolás Serrano, Coni Belmar, Valeria Serrano, Cristina Linnebrink, Legacy of the Linnebrink Light, Swan Island Secrets, Winds of Andalucía, castle, house, sea, ocean, green, blue, new, old, Maine, The Seahorse Patrol, Pursuit of the Pudú Deer, The Sea-Silk Banner, decor, coastal decorating, tins, Tolkien, Laura Ingalls Wilder, no place like home, home at last

Among the many themes in my books, the motif of HOME—or perhaps more precisely, houses—surprises me most with its broad-spectrum presence. I never planned to weave those ideas into the writing, was hardly even aware of them. But in this homesick world, maybe that’s not unexpected at all. Recently I suffered an attack…of nostalgia. Did …

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