100 Droplet Gifts, The Bucket List Reimagined #3

3 Ways to Serve Your Generation

“May you live all the days of your life,” wrote Jonathan Swift. A great goal, but at the end of your life-journey, what would you want written to summarize it?

My dad’s tombstone reads, “SAFELY HOME.” Beautiful. And so appropriate for the gentle, hard-working man that he was.

God’s epitaph over King David’s life (via the Apostle Paul) says, “After he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, (he) fell asleep and was laid with his fathers…”  (Acts 13:36).

So how did David—the hero of giant-slaying fame—serve his generation?

“They serve God well who serve His creatures.” —Caroline Norton, “The Lady of Garaye”

▪ He employed every fiber of his active body in the battle against Goliath and other armies of God’s enemies. On behalf of his people, he fought as a true warrior against darkness and evil.

1. Today ask God to use your health and strength—or even the lack of it—to obey His commands and to stand for the truth. Maybe…some of your generation will follow your lead.

▪ He maintained a robust mind, acting as a musician and poet, a loyal friend, an able administrator and military strategist. Certainly David was one of the most versatile and multi-talented leaders who ever lived.

2. Today ask God to use your every brain cell, every brilliant idea, and every blossoming gift and skill to bless others of your generation. Jesus said, “To whom much is given, much is expected…” (Luke 12:48).

▪ He grew into a man after God’s own heart, “who will do all my will” (Acts 13:22). Not flawless or infallible—far from that. But authentic and eager to share God’s shepherd heart toward his lambs.

3. Today ask God to use your willing heart, not necessarily to accomplish prodigious feats, but to touch spirits in your generation with His comfort and joy.

Droplet Gift #3: As a writer in this generation, my service in both books and blog is to inspire women and girls to live lives of joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

After we’ve fully lived every day of our lives—whether short or long—let this be God’s caption on your story and mine: “She served My purpose for her during all the time I gave her.” 

Lord, don’t take me “safely home” until…

  …I’ve served my generation well.


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