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A Smile for Jesus

A scowl, more like a low growl… that’s what I felt like giving the little girl who crashed into my cart at the supermarket this morning. Instead, I offered her a smile for Jesus’ sake. Call it my present for the Savior today, and you know what? It even worked to defuse both her tension and mine.

Unfortunately, that feels like a variation on an overplayed theme around here—in tight traffic, in long lines, on city sidewalks. The only bells I hear sound strangely like sirens, horns, phone chimes, and beggars hanging at the gate. They grate on my peace and goodwill toward men, rather than announce tidings of great joy. Thoughts of Thanksgiving are, after all, a month past.

So I ask God to help me abound with gratitude for the amazing list of blessings He showers on me daily. Family, home, church, work, health… so many precious gifts from His hand. In spite of all that, I don’t have many grins to pour from my cracked and drained heart.

Yet none one drop is lost. Out of my shattered clay, He is remaking a vessel full of His glory and fit for His use. Here at Seaglass this year, I want to trace once or twice a month some of my offerings to the Lord. Tiny broken shards they may seem, but He is able to smooth and polish what I entrust to Him.

What can I give to the Lord Jesus on this Christmas Eve? Today my gift is only a smile for Jesus—from Jesus—my grumps transformed to grace by His “grace upon grace” (Jn. 1:16). That’s Gift #1.

Like to share your offering “droplet” for the day?

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