About Me

Cross of the Third Millennium, Millennium Cross, Coquimbo, Chile, missionary, silver sunset

In Real Time in Chile: Just before fall and winter hit, my husband and I left Chile for a few months’ visit in the US and Canada during the spring and summer. Excellent timing! While lots of exciting things are happening back home in Coquimbo, I’ve been beachcombing in Nova Scotia and enjoying the mayflowers. Today we drove through Quebec and had an (unsuccessful) adventure ordering coffee in French 🙂 I call it prep for The Search for Rose Michaud.

Diana Delacruz is the pen name of a current global worker in Coquimbo, Chile, where she has finally mastered the art of making great fried fish! Her debut novel, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, draws on the love/hate experience of her first term of service in Chiloé, Chile’s southern islands. After more than 40 years of South American life and ministry, she knows the settings of her novels well and discovers her plots on the evening news.

Diana grew up in the state of Maine–not far from Bar Harbor–and has never lived more than an hour or two distant from the ocean. She and her Canadian husband recently concluded two decades of mission administration and Bible institute responsibilities in the capital of Santiago and moved back to the Chilean coast to lead a new church planting project. They have three grown daughters and five grandchildren living in the US.

Besides teaching, speaking, and writing in and about Chile, Diana collects tins–as well as stories, sea glass, and all things sea blue!

“A good word makes the heart glad.” –Proverbs 12:25

The mission of Seaglass Sagas is:

  • To please the Lord Jesus Christ and give Him joy
  • To offer “joy to the world” through inspiring, entertaining, and challenging readers
  • And to “finish my course (career, job, ministry, book, etc.) with joy” (Acts 20:24).