Diana Delacruz

Desert Island Diaries

Desert Island Diaries (Diarios de la Isla Desierta)

Destiny at Dolphin Bay (Destino en la Bahía de los Delfines) – International/Inspirational YA Adventure. In this Genesis Award finalist, Baltimore teen Melissa Travis flees from guilt over her grandmother’s death to visit her sister on a rustic Chilean island. While on this involuntary mission trip, she is sucked into a storm of chilling calamities and bizarre superstitions. Then when a major earthquake hits, Melissa and her friend Nicolás team to help a group of homeless children, trap a bogus shaman who uses the chaos for his own agenda, and make life-changing choices. Read an excerpt… https://dianadelacruz.com/destiny-at-dolphin-bay/

Pursuit of the Pudú Deer (Caza del Ciervo Pudú) – Inspirational YA Romantic Adventure. Even as Melissa and Nicolás fall in love, everything else in their lives falls apart. While on a church youth-group trip to Chile, Melissa Travis, now 18, re-encounters her special friend, Nicolás Serrano. The earlier sparks between them soon burst into blaze, but old nemesis Delicia’s outrageous accusations pour cold water on their growing relationship. As Delicia stalks Nicolás, and his brother Marcos searches for a rare species of deer with the dubious aid of a thief with terrorist ties, Melissa ponders whether she should give up on a future with Nicolás. Trapped in the wilderness, they all must face crucial decisions about what is worth pursuing. Read an excerpt… https://dianadelacruz.com/pursuit-of-the-pudu-deer/

Legacy of the Linnebrink Light (Legado del Faro Linnebrink) – Inspirational Romantic Adventure. When English teacher Cristina Linnebrink leaves her prestigious job and ambitious fiancé to accompany her anthropologist father on a research venture in an isolated island of southern Chile, she little imagines the surprises—and mysteries—that await them. While missionary Melissa Travis and Captain Nicolás Serrano provide an oasis amid the desert of oppression, Leonel Nahuelanca, a local carpenter-turned-student, teaches Cristina the island culture while building a needed lighthouse. Together they survive a volcanic eruption and track down a long-buried family legend. The truth they discover—communicated through an amazing musical—will light up the darkest reaches of the island and transform the hardest hearts, including their own. Read an excerpt… https://dianadelacruz.com/legacy-of-the-linnebrink-light/