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Heart-to-Heart with Heart Ally

What’s the heartbeat of my mission, the purpose and centerpiece of my writing life? In a recent heart-to-heart interview with my Destiny at Dolphin Bay publisher, Heart Ally, I had a chance to ponder this important question once again.

In today’s short-and-sweet post, I’m sharing the link to this interview which I thought might interest you. I had fun doing it, and more, it reminded me to keep my mission in focus.

Why are you writing? Who do your books serve?” Writer/counselor Jendayi Harris posed those questions in a Kingdom Writers conference workshop I participated in this past week.

“Your purpose is the place where loving God and loving others meets your particular set of gifts.”Chris Syme, Women Finishing Well website

As I often tell the women where I live in Chile, my main goal is that you—and I—might know the love of Jesus and that we might love Him. Everything else is a bonus—a side benefit! The transformation He works in us merely accompanies that true love.

And I want to be a heart ally with all who, like myself, struggle to “trust the Lord with all your heart” (Prov. 3:5). In the midst of fear and failure, pressure and pain, we can grow. An anchor of hope in an unchanging God can change us.

Many thanks to each one who has been a genuine “heart ally” for me in the journey to becoming a kingdom writer.


  1. Awwwww. I did read your interview, as you know, and it was great. Here’s to many more novels by Diana Delacruz!!

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