Diana Delacruz

Hope Chest, Chilote woods, temperate rain forest, new legends of Chiloé transforming power of story

Hope Chest

In Hope Chest, sixteen-year-old María Angélica De la Cruz arrives from a semester away at school to discover that frightening changes have taken place at home in the island of Chauquelín. Her prodigal cousin, Juan Bórquez, returned after a long absence, picks up bullying Angie and her younger brother, Fabián, where he left off five years ago. Her mother not only denies the abuse, she defends Juan and demands that Angie accept his proposal of marriage. Even her father, blackmailed and in debt, reluctantly concedes that Angie must give up her dreams of education. And beneath the surface, Angie suspects that the local witches’ coven has cursed her family. She must find the courage to resist. But breaking the spell may mean breaking faith with everyone she loves and everything she’s ever known.

Next Projects – Angélica’s Story

  • Hope Chest (Baúl de Esperanzas) – What if the man Angie’s mother picked for her turned out to be a monster?
  • Joy Ride (Paseo de Alegría) – If Angie accepted David’s offer, it would mean a journey of no return for them both.
  • Grace Stroke (Golpe de Gracia) – In the island, Angie and David had finally escapted the trouble…or had they?
  • Love Knot (Nudo de Amor) – Angie never expected life with David would be easy, but…
  • Peace Work (Obra de Paz) – How could Angie build a nest in a place like this?
  • Truth Test (Prueba de Verdad) –Why was David’s government so interested in a boy’s visions from God?