Return to Chiloé: Treasures from the Island

Launched February 7, 2023:

A life-changing trek from memories of the past to hope for the future… Join me on a nostalgic six-day return journey to my former home in southern Chile, a little-known island shrouded in mist and mystery that shifted my life experience in subtle yet significant ways.

In this travel memoir complemented by meditations on local mythology, I chase and check off adventures on my Chiloé Islands bucket list: sleep in a palafito with an ocean view, eat clambake-in-a-pot, tour heritage architecture, discover hidden hamlets, savor the sunset over the Pacific. Along the way, questions surge to challenge me: Did our work here all those years ago matter? How can I harmonize my love for this land and its people with the desperate need for transformation we all share? Can I reach and touch eternity amid the harsh realities of life here?

We’ll uncover gems of bright sea glass in the darkness of generations steeped in myths and legends. Surprises will sweep us up as God’s true story, the only remedy for false narratives, renews our faith. Our prayer will become, God, let me see what matters. Help me sort treasures from trash, crystals from clamshells.