Diana Delacruz

Incomplete Metamorphosis

incomplete metamorphosis, Patagonian journey part 8, view of blue lake through tunnel opening, Marble Caverns, Marble Chapel, Marble Cathedral, unfinished story, work in progress, really made of marble, a change in form, transformation, Chile, Region of Aysén, northern Patagonia, Puerto Río Tranquilo

Are they really made of marble? That question comes up as our tour group makes its way to the renowned Marble Caverns. Yes and no, the guide explains. It depends whether or not the process is complete. Sometimes it’s an incomplete metamorphosis. After our long Day 3 drive, it’s past mid-afternoon when we finally reach …

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Best or Worst?

best or worst, Cerro Castillo mountain, Castle Hill, Patagonian Journey part 7, snowy mountain with zinc-roofed barn in foreground, Chilean Patagonia, national park, amazement and disappointment, Day 3 continued, Patagonian education, Red Hands archeological, Lake General Carrera, region of Aysén, Chile, Devil's Door, beautiful place

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” So Charles Dickens began his novel of the French Revolution, and at this moment, I honestly can’t decide either… whether this trip to northern Patagonia will turn out the best or worst time of my life. So maybe it’s not the best time …

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Women of the Wilderness

women of the wilderness, patagonian journey part 6, Bridal Veil Falls in region of Aysén, Chile, Patagonian, double falls in a green wilderness background, velo de la virgen, legendary women of Patagonia, water, wind, flowers for the lady, trip to Patagonia, Doña Eugenia, Edith Willies Nantz, Señora Viviana, Coyhaique, Marble Caverns

Will I be able to fulfill this ambitious agenda? I ask myself when the 6 a.m. alarm whines. After a fall a couple of evenings ago, I feel more like a decrepit gringa with delusions of grandeur than one of the intrepid women of the wilderness. I ache from head to toe before today’s leg …

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A Bucket of Benefits

bucket of benefits, Patagonian Journey Part 5, iceberg at Laguna San Rafael, San Rafael Lagoon, blue and white lake landscape, Chile, tours, Psalm 103:1-5, ice magic, catamaran Chaitén, zodiac, awe, God's blessings, Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This better be worth it, I think as I snap on a neon-orange life vest, complete with light and whistle. After all the time and trouble we took to get here, I’m expecting a bucket of benefits from this trip. Maybe too much. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits—who …

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Voyage to the Blue Lagoon

voyage to the blue lagoon, Patagonian Journey part 4, blue lake with icebergs and Andes Mountains in background, shades of blue, beauty, Laguna San Rafael, San Rafael Lagoon, glacier, trip to Patagonia, anticipation

Today we’re on our way to a frigid South Pacific blue lagoon, renowned for its millennial glacier flanked by towering mountain peaks. After looking forward to this moment for 35 years, I suspect the trip’s not off to an auspicious start. “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” –Ralph …

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Return to Patagonia

return to Patagonia, Patagonian journey part 3, catamaran in harbor, Puerto Chacabuco, Region of Aysén, Chile, history of Aysén, Simpson, calafate berries, maqui, michay, Laguna San Rafael, accident magnet, buffet, ship

Today, we return to Patagonia. We’re still on the road from the Balmaceda airport to Puerto Chacabuco, the main port for Chile’s Region of Aysén. Day 1, continued. We’ve just crossed a river named for Frigate Captain Enrique Simpson Baeza, a British-Chilean naval officer and explorer who mapped the archipelagoes and fiords of Aysén aboard …

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Mexican Fiesta

burritos, tacos, transforming choice of joy, Mexican fiesta, good meal satisfying and filling, belly laugh, wrapped in grace , surprises

I’m pressing pause on our Patagonian journey again today, to detour not only north to Mexico, but all the way to my Father’s House for a Mexican fiesta. My 97-year-old friend and mentor, “Aunt” Helen, suffered a severe stroke on Christmas morning, sank into a coma, and woke up in Heaven on New Year’s Eve. …

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Trip to the Bottom of the World

a town with tall red houses with a background of trees and mountains, Patagonian Journey part 2, trip to the bottom of the world, scenery in PUerto Chacabuco, Aysén, Coyhaique, new world, top of the world, bigger, brighter Chiloé Island, big feet Patagones, Chilote, Chonos, Pehuenches, Huilliches, lupins, Balmaceda

Is this Patagonian journey going to turn out as wonderful as I imagine? That’s the question I’m asking myself as we sit in a seedy bus station, waiting to start our long-awaited trip to the bottom of the world. It all began more than 35 years ago when older friends left their three daughters with …

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O Little Town in Maine

O Little Town in Maine, little town, The tin collector's tales #4, Christmas village, Christmas tins a lighted window, Christmas decorations, on Main Street, down Santa Claus Lane, winter wonderland, summer playground, Chile, Incarnation

If you believe that the old-fashioned Christmas villages of holiday prints never existed outside of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Norman Rockwell calendars, and vintage Christmas cards, then surprise! You never visited the little town in Maine where I grew up in the 1960’s. In some ways, it was just like the postcards. After my cousin …

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Happy Copy of Eden

happy copy of Eden, Patagonian Journey part 1, travel in Chile, Lake General Carrera in southern Chile, Patagonia. river with mountains and lupins

The Republic of Chile’s national anthem trumpets a hymn of praise to the country’s stunning pastoral beauty—boasting blue skies, pure breezes, and fields bordered with flowers. This “happy copy of Eden” lies cradled between its God-given bulwark of majestic white mountains and the tranquil sea that bathes its coasts and promises future splendor. Dulce patria… …

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