Diana Delacruz

Crossing Over the Bridge

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When, I ask myself, did Inspirational start to mean cozy, clean, and…colorless? No cursing, no killing…but no preaching, praying, or pew-parking, either. And definitely no controversy and no fighting and dying for the truth, if there even is a truth. In the publishing world, they’re called crossover books. Somehow I missed crossing over the bridge. …

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5 Options at a Gift Exchange

5 options at a gift exchange, gift exchange, bucket list reimagined, array of gift bags in pink and brown tones, gift bags, yankee swap, swap it, lose it, keep it, toss it, hide it, use it, gifts, God's gifts, servant, gift options

Amazing. Heartbreaking. It was the funniest thing, really. At a ladies’ tea, one woman introduced herself by sharing about her spiritual gift. Then, the next fifteen women ALSO announced that they possessed that exact same gift of teaching. You would have thought we were at a Yankee Swap gift exchange. Should I laugh-out-loud or call …

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The World’s Last Witch Trials

witch trials, the world's last witch trials, the tin collector's tales 6B, opening to underground cave in blue and black tones, witchcraft, witch hunts, Chile, Chiloé Islands, Righteous Province, murder and mayhem, dungeons and dragons, deserters and devils, War of the Pacific, 1880, Salem, The Tinder Box, caves, elders, good news

“It’s just another old story,” Nicolás Serrano insists to Melissa Travis in my first book Destiny at Dolphin Bay, as they debate the existence of a legendary Chilean ghost ship. His grandmother would beg to differ—her grandparents were caught up in the chilling drama of probably the world’s last (and completely nonfictional) witch trials in …

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The Tinder Box

the tinder box, the tin collector's tale #6A, tree roots in a green wood, Chiloé, Chile, islands, Chilote mythology, witches, Hans Christian Andersen, Grimm Brothers, once upon a time, happily ever after, believe, legends, reality, Righteous Province

Today’s story opens with the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, depicted on a series of Danish shortbread cookie tins in my collection. Sure, you know these classics: The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling… I have three of these eight special editions, and one is called …

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How to Be Richer Than a King

how to be richer than a king, transforming challenge of mission, elegant library, king's library, richer than a king, mission, Chile, read books, invest in books, write books

When I homeschooled back in the late ’90’s (before it was universal 😊), my daughters and I were impressed to learn that King Richard the Lionheart owned a humungous library of 800 books. We began to count the volumes stashed in the backyard shed we used for class… and after we reached 500, I realized …

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The Long Winter

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Winters just aren’t what they used to be when I was a kid. But climate change or not, this one has sure dragged on—and in South America we’re dreading more than anticipating the long winter ahead. I remember so much snow during one childhood winter in Maine that we could jump out the second story …

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Today’s Reading List

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What’s on your reading list today? I’d honestly love to know. We’ve all been so serious for so long that I’ve got to break the solemnity and write something different, just for fun. Lord knows I have enough reasons to put on a sober face, and most likely you do too. But for a little …

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The Italian Tragedy

Italian tragedy, the tin collector's tales, Coni's biscotti, Cinque Terre coast of Italy with blackboard tag, coronavirus tragedy, God, Italy, hands of God, wasted time, bicerin, Waldensians, Savoy, Canadian prairies, Spanish influenza pandemic, C.S. Lewis, pain,

I got a new tin about a month ago. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. But little did I know I’d rename it the Italian Tragedy, and never mind the bucket-list Italian holiday I dreamed of when I bought it. We (I probably should admit, I) gobbled up the packages of puff-pastry cookies in the tall …

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The Butterfly Effect

the butterfly effect, bucket list reimagined #21, 100 Droplet Gifts, luminescent blue butterflies in a dark woods, small things big results, girl in gilded cage, Esther, David, Sama, Gideon, warrior in a winepress, baby in a manger, guy in a lentil field, Jesus, sparrows, praise of children, disaster, despise small things

Though I can’t confirm the science behind it, I do believe in a phenomenon termed the Butterfly Effect: The idea that small choices and changes can add up to destiny. Chaos Theory posits that “something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” The tiniest …

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The End of the Journey

the end, the end of the journey, Patagonian Journey part 13, hilly landscape with purple lupins in foreground, Chilean Patagonia, gemstones, wildlife watching, berry picking, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, story, Puyuhuapi, Balmaceda, Coquimbo, Chile, Coyhaique, travel in Chile, anticipation, Eden

This is where I write “The End” on the story. Where trash turns to treasure, research to resolution, and vacation to fictional vision. Day 6, the final chapter of our Patagonian Journey. “The danger is greatest when the finish line is in sight… Be wary at the end.” –Steven Pressfield, The War of Art You …

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