Diana Delacruz

Beach Glass–A Metaphor for Life

A stack of aqua-colored sea glass on a pebbly beach, beach glass a metaphor for life, sea glass undersea transformation

While there may be nothing new under the sun, everything changes “under the sea.” (Cue the theme song from The Little Mermaid…) I grew up near the rocky coast of Maine, on the amazing Bay of Fundy which boasts the world’s highest tides. And while it’s not especially appealing for sunbathing, surfing, or swimming (unless …

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How to Spend the Bonus Ten

Burlap bag of yellow potatoes

Our lives add up to threescore and ten—seventy years to invest—plus yapa, with good health and strength (Psalm 90:10). The extra decade of life that some are blessed with beyond the average is like the few extra grams of produce they occasionally give you at the Chilean open-air markets. When weighing out potatoes, it’s hard …

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How to Grow a Thinking Culture

tree in woods with READ sign

“Developing a thinking culture”—that’s what the sign outside the school said, a couple of years ago when we were house-hunting in the port city where we now live. Wow, that’s kind of a novelty, I reflected. A definite novelty in a culture that frequently doesn’t read beyond the local newspapers—and even that’s rare now, replaced …

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5 Signs You Need to Get Out More

Books alone launched my mind on a voyage beyond the vistas of New England when I was a junior high student. Back then, reading Phyllis A. Whitney’s YA novels set in Japan and Istanbul whet my appetite for the first time to glimpse the outside world. Before that, I’d encountered Anne Shirley’s Prince Edward Island …

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3 Ingredients in Our Daily Bread

Nobody in Chile wants to be ordinary. To call a person “ordinaria” is considered an insult…as if being an average Juan or Juanita is somehow vulgar—an unfortunate assignment to a low-class fate. “Pan de cada día”—everyday bread—is how we reference something ordinary and commonplace here. And we should know, because our staple food isn’t rice …

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Where are All the Aunts?

Yes, that’s right—on this International Women’s Day, I’m looking for some older women in my life. With only two blood relatives in that category—God bless them—I need a few more to call “aunt.” Everybody does! Do you mind? Oh, does it make you feel old? Or you don’t want to make me to feel too …

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Adding the Extra to Ordinary

Miles from home, we were locked out of our pickup, under torrential rain that hadn’t let up for more than a few hours in months. No family–no friends with vehicles–no co-workers within a three-hour drive. With two preschoolers in tow, I stood ankle-deep in mud and watched my husband, on homemade wooden crutches following major …

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Is Marriage a Mission Impossible?

Could ten women be wrong? A book I read recently featured nine counselees and their therapist, who took turns sharing their life stories. Though it was fiction, my takeaway point was… their view of marriage was scary! Not one woman in ten held the God-ordained institution in very high esteem. You would think the Creator had designed …

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