Diana Delacruz

Do You Believe in Destiny?

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“Do you believe in destiny?” Nicolás Serrano, up to his elbows in apple mash, asks halfway through my first book Destiny at Dolphin Bay. His friend Melissa has questioned his self-identification as a Chiloé islander, knowing he grew up a city boy. As she watches him make cider in an antique press, she sees him …

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7 Novel Ideas About Love

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Good sport that he is, my husband cheerfully endures watching the occasional chick flick or romantic comedy with me. But as Lord Byron said: “Man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart, ’Tis woman’s whole existence.” There’s a reason why love stories creep into (or take over) most of what I write–and why Romance continues …

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Mountain Music

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We’re familiar with many of the precious names of God, such as El Elyon (Most High God) and Adonai (Lord), because of their use in some contemporary Christian songs. El Shaddai–All-Sufficient God–is another of these, and in its complex Hebrew meanings of both “mountain” and “breast,” we discover the majestic protection and tender provision of …

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The Mystery of History

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I love mysteries, especially historical mysteries. I also love history, which is why you’ll find the mysterious past woven into many of my books. One mystery of history, however, is how easily we forget both the good and the bad. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” –Winston S. Churchill …

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How Soccer Wins the Game of Life

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Don’t laugh because this unathletic writer has found more to say about soccer. The fútbol theme makes its cameo appearance in so many of my stories. I just noted it’s on page 18 of my very first book, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, which isn’t remotely about sports. So I didn’t plan that. Soccer just pops …

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How Soccer Rules the World

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If Michael Jordan and Pelé (if you have to ask, the joke’s for you) were walking down the street together anywhere except North America, 99% of the people would ask, “Who’s that guy with Pelé?” That’s how soccer rules the world. Because everybody from Manchester to Moscow, Montevideo to Melbourne, knows soccer. Everybody may not …

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Picnic Paradise

picnic paradise, the Quarantine Tales, The Great Chili Pepper Competition, Marina and Joanna, the transforming power of story, Chile, Fiestas Patrias, food, Maine, Bangor State Fair, ethnic food, fruit tart, potted hot pepper plant, red peppers, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, fast food, clams, Italian, German, Legacy of the Linnebrink Light, Coni Belmar, Desert Island Diary, Swan Dive, Serving up stories, Salad Days, salad nation, potatoes, tomatoes, all about the food

It’s official. For one of the few times in 210 years, Fiestas Patrias, Chile’s patriotic celebration beginning on September 18th, is canceled in our city. What only the military coup of 1973 could accomplish before, the Covid-19 pandemic has now put into effect. We won’t miss the 3-day Booze Bash, but we’ll long for the …

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Art Therapy

art therapy, the quarantine tales, missing masterpieces parts I & II, the mystery of the marble statues, Lucas Serrano, the puzzle of the nazi painting, art gallery, Anastasia Valencia, Stasi, Valeria Serrano, Winds of Andalucía, Coni Belmar, Leonel, Angélica, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, art work, artistic, paintings, culture, seaglass sagas, God's masterpiece, living art, museums, antiques, Chiloé Islands, Chile, Maine, Coquimbo, Valparaíso, poema

The stories that turn up in The Quarantine Tales have highlighted many of the themes threaded through my work. I’ve discovered that one of my favorite topics is ART (as July’s posts indicate). Art therapy touches our hearts. Even my books are purposed to tease beauty out of barren places and broken people. “The earth …

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This is My Father’s World

Father's world, Father's world, this is my Father's world, the Quarantine Tales, Dolphins on Duty, the transforming power of story, hymnwriter Maltbie Babcock, nature, plants, animals, dolphins, pudu deer, huemules, life hacks from a dolphin, Keli Peterson, Marcos Serrano, Lucas Serrano, Estella Jarpa, bios, zoe, C. S. Lewis, creation, joy, penguins

The glory of God’s created world—the birds and beasts, flowers and trees—glistens as one of my favorite story motifs. Along with the sea and sky, I’m enchanted by mountains, meadows, and woodland marvels. As the hymnwriter Maltbie Babcock told his wife when heading for a walk along the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario, l just …

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Treasures in the Darkness

treasures in the darkness, treasures, the quarantine tales, abducted by aliens or adopted by angels, kingdom, Heavenly Father, darkness, light, stars, astronomy, shine, mysteries, miracles, secrets, hidden treasures, Micaela Greenfield, Keli, Chile, Coquimbo, esoterism, Elqui Valley, time-warp case

Are you ever afraid of the dark? Darkness can fill us with anxiety and even terror if we think of it as the abode of demons and bogeymen, but we should realize that it’s also the dwelling place of God, His pavilion. God stores many treasures in the darkness that He only displays at special …

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