Diana Delacruz

He Was There All the Time

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Of course, you remember the classic meme where a woman reviews her life by means of a series of footprints on the beach. She wonders why God disappeared at the most difficult moments of her life, but it turns out He carried her then. He was there all the time. Recently a dear friend spoke …

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Back to the Beginning

back to the beginning, 100 droplet gifts, bucket list reimagined #27, looking back, writing, first love, first words, first steps, beginning, heaven, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa Travis, Pursuit of the Pudú Deer, Chile, Chiloé Islands

My writing ministry file, labeled 20:24:28, holds almost 400 digital pages right now. The other day, as I finished my blog series on story motifs, I scrolled back to the beginning of the document and discovered some interesting points that I should review more often. In a lot more areas of life, it’s a good …

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Behind My Mask

behind my mask, the transforming power of story, God motifs, as if, masks, questions, answers, challenge, gritting my teeth, holding back sobs, wearing no makeup, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa, Legacy of the Linnebrink Light, Pursuit of the Pudú, love, God, learn, Swan Island Secrets, Coni, Winds of Andulucía, Valeria, destiny, identity, beauty, independence, stories, life

Can I share a secret? Hiding behind my mask, I’ve saved a bundle this year on face cream, lipstick, and even (gasp!) toothpaste. What I’ll look like when I finally emerge from the cocoon may alarm the neighbors.   We so often leave unattended what nobody else can see, where no outsider will notice. You …

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6 Educational Secrets

educational secrets, the transforming power of story, never stop learning, school motifs, Melissa, Cristina, Coni, Swan Pose, learning, teaching, Paul, Jesus, lessons, educational philosophy, rest, wisdom, good sense, weapon, source, feast, fire, books, Sproul quote, Lewis quote, Seaglass Sagas, mind, secret

“I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry,” says the Apostle Paul (Phil. 4:12). That pretty much sums up my educational secrets: Abundance and hunger. Fullness and need. Prosperity, humility. We stuff our minds with new facts and ideas, and still we know, there’s always more to learn. A good story always …

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This Homesick World

homesick world, this homesick world, homesick, nostalgia, home motifs, home,the transforming power of story, Chile, Chiloé Islands, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa Travis, Nicolás Serrano, Coni Belmar, Valeria Serrano, Cristina Linnebrink, Legacy of the Linnebrink Light, Swan Island Secrets, Winds of Andalucía, castle, house, sea, ocean, green, blue, new, old, Maine, The Seahorse Patrol, Pursuit of the Pudú Deer, The Sea-Silk Banner, decor, coastal decorating, tins, Tolkien, Laura Ingalls Wilder, no place like home, home at last

Among the many themes in my books, the motif of HOME—or perhaps more precisely, houses—surprises me most with its broad-spectrum presence. I never planned to weave those ideas into the writing, was hardly even aware of them. But in this homesick world, maybe that’s not unexpected at all. Recently I suffered an attack…of nostalgia. Did …

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Do You Believe in Destiny?

believe in destiny, do you believe in destiny?, destiny, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, the transforming power of story, timing destiny, ducking destiny, chasing destiny, my first book, Melissa Travis, Nicolás Serrano, faith, circumstances, Rubik's cube, dolphins, God, Chiloé, story, storytelling

“Do you believe in destiny?” Nicolás Serrano, up to his elbows in apple mash, asks halfway through my first book Destiny at Dolphin Bay. His friend Melissa has questioned his self-identification as a Chiloé islander, knowing he grew up a city boy. As she watches him make cider in an antique press, she sees him …

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7 Novel Ideas About Love

novel ideas about love, 7 novel ideas about love, the Quarantine Tales, Joanna Serrano, "My Great-Grandmother's Confession, the transforming power of story, mate, grapes, love, marriage, romance, Seaglass Sagas, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Winds of Andalucía, Swan Island Secrets, Hope Chest, Angélica and David, Nicolás and Melissa, Marcos and Coni, Nathán and Valeria, Pursuit of the Pudú Deer, love story, fairy tale, bestselling genre, great expectations, Twilight, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, opposites attract, always having to say sorry, being the right person, model, soulmate, fantasy meets its destiny, dystopian romance

Good sport that he is, my husband cheerfully endures watching the occasional chick flick or romantic comedy with me. But as Lord Byron said: “Man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart, ’Tis woman’s whole existence.” There’s a reason why love stories creep into (or take over) most of what I write–and why Romance continues …

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Mountain Music

mountain music, music, the Quarantine Tales, the ocarina meets the accordion, the transforming power of story, blond woman listening with audiophones, Chile, Andean music, Andean instruments, ocarina, pan pipes, Altiplano, Iquique, highlands, Celtic, Rohan, soundtracks, whispering waves, whistling wind, mountain majesties, El Shaddai, All-Sufficient God, Mountain Momma, Folklore Fusion, musical fusion, genre, Chiloé Islands, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa Travis, Coni Belmar, Swan Island Secrets, Legacy of the Linnebrink Light

We’re familiar with many of the precious names of God, such as El Elyon (Most High God) and Adonai (Lord), because of their use in some contemporary Christian songs. El Shaddai–All-Sufficient God–is another of these, and in its complex Hebrew meanings of both “mountain” and “breast,” we discover the majestic protection and tender provision of …

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The Mystery of History

mystery of history, The Mystery of History, The Quarantine Tales, The Time Trilogy, history mysteries, stone windmill in Spain, Chile, Chiloé Islands, Coquimbo, pirates, history of Chile, colonial, cultural, republic, modern legends and myths, stories, storytelling, Ricardo Serrano, Keli Peterson, Winds of Andalucía, mining, miners, Humberstone, Legacy of the Linnebrink Light, Esteban Jarpa, Emilia Jarpa, Lost in a Ghost Town, Pirate Treasure on Horseshoe Beach, The English Quarter Blonde, The Kennedy Avenue Blonde, First Mate's Log, The Seagull Operation, Melissa, Valeria, the transforming power of stories, Keli Peterson, story fodder, rise of the republic, God's story, Gandhi, Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, catastrophes

I love mysteries, especially historical mysteries. I also love history, which is why you’ll find the mysterious past woven into many of my books. One mystery of history, however, is how easily we forget both the good and the bad. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” –Winston S. Churchill …

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How Soccer Wins the Game of Life

game of life, how soccer wins the game of life, the Quarantine Tales, soccer goals part II, the transforming power of story, Pelé, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chile, Chilean soccer, connects countries and continents, removes barriers, teaches lessons, Linares, reaches people, soccer outreach, preaches and profits, geography, soccer rules, lessons from soccer, Swan Island Secrets, J. M. Serrano, Olivares, Patagonia, Winds of Andalucía, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, World Cup

Don’t laugh because this unathletic writer has found more to say about soccer. The fútbol theme makes its cameo appearance in so many of my stories. I just noted it’s on page 18 of my very first book, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, which isn’t remotely about sports. So I didn’t plan that. Soccer just pops …

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