Diana Delacruz

Where are All the Aunts?

Legacy, the next generation, future generations, Where are all the aunts?

Yes, that’s right—on this International Women’s Day, I’m looking for some older women in my life. With only two blood relatives in that category—God bless them—I need a few more to call “aunt.” Everybody does! Do you mind? Oh, does it make you feel old? Or you don’t want to make me to feel too …

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Adding the Extra to Ordinary

The Bucket List Reimagined #5, Adding Extra to Ordinary

Miles from home, we were locked out of our pickup, under torrential rain that hadn’t let up for more than a few hours in months. No family–no friends with vehicles–no co-workers within a three-hour drive. With two preschoolers in tow, I stood ankle-deep in mud and watched my husband, on homemade wooden crutches following major …

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Is Marriage a Mission Impossible?

marriage, life purpose, meaning, significance in relationships

Could ten women be wrong? A book I read recently featured nine counselees and their therapist, who took turns sharing their life stories. Though it was fiction, my takeaway point was… their view of marriage was scary! Not one woman in ten held the God-ordained institution in very high esteem. You would think the Creator had designed …

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3 Ways to Serve Your Generation

100 Droplet Gifts, The Bucket List Reimagined #3

“May you live all the days of your life,” wrote Jonathan Swift. A great goal, but at the end of your life-journey, what would you want written to summarize it? My dad’s tombstone reads, “SAFELY HOME.” Beautiful. And so appropriate for the gentle, hard-working man that he was. God’s epitaph over King David’s life (via …

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How’s Your WIP Coming Along?

glass mosaic, art masterpiece

In writer’s terminology, a WIP is a Work-in-Progress. Our lives, like my books, are a work-in-progress. They’re in process. In preparation, on the path to perfection. When friends ask (some with dubious confidence, I suspect) how my latest project, Anchor at Alcázar Reef, is coming along, I share about four factors that indicate the status …

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Reimagine Your Bucket List

Bucket list gifts for Jesus, seagull operation

Instead of ringing in 2019 armed with a list of well-meant resolutions or creating an ambitious strategy to accomplish your goals, why not consider a makeover of the Bucket List idea? This year I’ve resolved: Enough with the endless catalogue of what I dream of doing before I kick the bucket—whether it’s climb the Eiffel …

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A Smile for Jesus

Gifts for Jesus, bucket list reimagined

A scowl, more like a low growl… that’s what I felt like giving the little girl who crashed into my cart at the supermarket this morning. Instead, I offered her a smile for Jesus’ sake. Call it my present for the Savior today, and you know what? It even worked to defuse both her tension …

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3 Life Lessons from NaNoWriMo

transforming power of story

Besides a good story, what can you discover in a month-long Writing Marathon? During November, in between Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas baking, housecleaning and houseguests, speaking at a women’s retreat and hosting two parties–I wrote 50,289 words in 30 days. That’s around 200 pages, as part of Anchor at Alcázar Reef, my Work-in-Progress, which will soon …

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