Diana Delacruz

Total Eclipse

total eclipse of the sun, solar eclipse, bucket list reimagined, droplet gift #12

Amid last week’s furor in Chile over the total eclipse of the sun, I was reminded of those times when we provoke a total eclipse of the gifts God has blessed us with. Some days we’re tempted to hide our lights and obscure the talents we’ve received by grace. In our area near the Elqui …

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Discovering Who We Will Be

feminine crown with pearls and diamonds, bucket list reimagined, discovering who we will be our destiny

The daughters of God are destined to a high and holy calling. Discovering who we will be in our Father’s plans for the Kingdom often eludes us. But it shouldn’t and needn’t. I John 3:2 declares, “Now we are the children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be,” but …

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The Word Warrior’s Report

3 swords on a blue cloth background, word warriors, writers are fighters, pen for a sword

Writers are word warriors, so today’s post is my updated report from the frontlines. For some time now, I’ve struggled, scraped, and strained my mental muscles to finish my main WIP (Work-in-Progress), a fiction book with the working title Anchor at Alcázar Reef. Celebrate with me the completion of the first draft on May 31—the …

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Embracing Who We Are

Embracing who we are as God's daughters, A little girl in back ground playing with several Disney princess action figures in foreground, validity of the Princess Syndrome, 100 Droplet Gifts #10, Bucket List Reimagined

Embracing who we are means recognizing God’s unique calling for our lives and living in the light of that high position. A few weeks ago, we talked about remembering the past. Today, we’ll discuss how to honor God’s present gift of grace in the world. We are both the servants and daughters of the King …

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5 Romantic Misconceptions – Part 2

Yellow ribbon superimposed over clasped hands and railroad tracks, romantic misconceptions, from happily to usefully ever after

Today I’m sharing the second of a miniseries on romantic misconceptions—our misunderstandings in the realm of romance and romantic fiction. Who wants romance? Uh…almost everybody, if the dozens of twists on the romance genre offer any indication. A romance sub-genre pops up under practically every fiction category in existence. For example, take romantic suspense (admittedly, …

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Remembering Who We Were

white brick lighthouse on a tiny islet, tree line and cloudy sky in background, remembering the past, remember who we were Memorial Day

Remembering who we were—the good, the bad, and even the ugly of our past—is a key to facing the future with holy confidence and joy. Keeping in mind the depths—and heights—I’ve come from keeps me focused in the right direction. Doesn’t every family have their legends? Their black sheep and closet skeletons, their crazy ancestors …

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