Diana Delacruz

Stitching Stories from Stains

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God is in the restoration business. He reminded me today after a candle scorched our anniversary tablecloth. The marred keepsake will likely join my pile of patchwork possibilities, because in our family, we’ve been stitching stories from stains for years. It’s tempting to mourn the losses. But it’s also comforting to realize that’s okay. “God …

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Help Me Find “The Blue Cup”

the blue cup, cup, blue teacup and saucer, bucket list reimagined #23, 100 droplet gifts, prize speaking, broken things, high school, Maine, homesickness, nostalgia, blue, tea, story, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa, destiny

On the path to publishing Destiny at Dolphin Bay, I recently re-encountered the scene with the broken dishes during the earthquake, along with Melissa’s regret over missing a school drama competition. Her entry, a monologue called “The Blue Cup,” flows from my own extra-curricular accomplishments. Can anybody help me find “The Blue Cup”? I’ll confess …

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Only in Chile

only in Chile, Chile, stories about Chile, the transforming power of story, fountain in a tiled interior patio, why write about Chile, setting, Raquel Peterson, First Mate's Log, Maria Graham, Journal of a Residence in Chile, anything could happen, estamos en Chile

Whatever the time period or dimension of a story, some things could happen only in Chile. Believe me, I should know. Many writing teachers believe that setting is another character in a book’s cast. That’s certainly true in everything I write. The associations triggered by memory of a place can showcase powerful motifs. Why Chile …

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The Quarantine Tales

quarantine tales, quarantine in Chile, transforming power of story, stories, storytelling, beach, family mementos, magical objects, Laura Ingalls Wilder, transform, books

How does a writer generate ideas for a story? In my current quest to create the ultimate backdrop for a series targeted toward younger “young adults,” I’ve reinvented a minor character from my original story world and drawn Rachelle Peterson to center stage to prompt a round robin of quarantine tales. Every time my husband …

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Faded Flowers

faded flowers, tin collector's tales #7, deep blue hydrangea, blue flowers, wilted blossoms, bouquet, roses, sad story, happy ending, prayer, care, encouragement, flowers

It’s a sad story attached to a round Danish cookie tin. Given to me more than 15 years ago, its silver-gray background pops with bouquets of pastel pink roses and multihued garlands. But I can only think of faded flowers and funeral wreaths when I look at it now. Why? Because this thoughtful gift came …

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Beauty at the Beach

beauty at the beach, transforming choice of joy, beach duties, walk on the beach, pebbles, sea glass, sand, empanadas, talk with God, waves, seagulls, mermaids, home, reclaim, reinvent, beach, shore, wind, memories, breathe, beach life

Far too much time has passed since I’ve spent an afternoon at our local beach. Some stretches of it have closed during this time of quarantine. Entire beach towns are blockaded. Though we’ve tried to behave and stay away, I miss—desperately—that singular beauty at the beach. Disappointing to say, we only fit in one beach …

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

bridge over troubled water, bridges, crossing over part 2, bridge construction, crossover books, bridge books, bridge across the great divide, Swan Island Secrets, light on the bridge, challenges with finding good Christian books, good writing, cross, Christian writers, bridge motifs

What’s your biggest challenge with discovering good Christian books? I confess I’ve struggled, sometimes wondering if everyone has crossed over to secular ideals and maybe I should just jump off the bridge. 🙂 Where is that bridge over troubled water for you? What do you seek in a book? Especially one labelled and marketed as …

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Crossing Over the Bridge

crossing over, crossing the bridge, the transforming power of story, bridges, crossover books, Christian books, pontoon bridges, swinging bridges, covered bridges, a bridge too far, worldview

When, I ask myself, did Inspirational start to mean cozy, clean, and…colorless? No cursing, no killing…but no preaching, praying, or pew-parking, either. And definitely no controversy and no fighting and dying for the truth, if there even is a truth. In the publishing world, they’re called crossover books. Somehow I missed crossing over the bridge. …

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5 Options at a Gift Exchange

5 options at a gift exchange, gift exchange, bucket list reimagined, array of gift bags in pink and brown tones, gift bags, yankee swap, swap it, lose it, keep it, toss it, hide it, use it, gifts, God's gifts, servant, gift options

Amazing. Heartbreaking. It was the funniest thing, really. At a ladies’ tea, one woman introduced herself by sharing about her spiritual gift. Then, the next fifteen women ALSO announced that they possessed that exact same gift of teaching. You would have thought we were at a Yankee Swap gift exchange. Should I laugh-out-loud or call …

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