Diana Delacruz

Why We Writers Write

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“I write on my knees,” said Gabriela Mistral, as cited at the museum in Vicuña, Chile, that honors her life and legacy. So do I—that’s how we write. But why do we writers write? The Chilean poet and Nobel laureate meant that she preferred scribbling in a notebook on her lap as opposed to writing …

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5 Reasons We Readers Read

5 reasons we readers read, the transforming value of lifelong learning, girl reading screen on sunset beach, read to learn, read to enjoy, read to feel, read to understand, read to live, love of reading, readers read, love of books, Chile

During the seemingly endless decade when I was a homeschooling mom, I secretly had only one basic goal: to convince my girls to love books. So why is it we readers read? And why push reading with a passion? Clearly prejudiced, I had to give a nod to mathematics as a boring-but-necessary blot on the …

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Animal Crackers in My Soup

animal crackers, animal crackers in my soup, tin collector's tales #3, blue diagonal strip beside red tin of animal crackers on a white fireplace, why we love animal crackers, lessons from animal crackers

Twice this past week, I’ve waited in an office and finally departed, ready to bite someone’s head off, like I used to do with my animal crackers. Talk about a zoo. Instead of spinning a Tin Collector’s Tale about animal crackers, I hardened my heart and collected grievances. Never mind that I prayed for some …

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This is Not the Real World

this is not the real world, the real worldtransforming power of story, miracles not magic, myths, magical realism, city lights, magic mushrooms, my Father's world, God's world

While cynics and pragmatists are quick to carp that the Gospel and the Christian worldview don’t offer solutions to real-world problems—as if this punch delivered the ultimate technical knock-out—I’d like to suggest that this world we live in now is not the real world. Fiction writers, too, are frequently criticized for not focusing on real …

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Thank You for Your Service

thank you for your service, bucket list reimagined #20, 100 droplet gifts, patriotism, little girl in a veterans' cemetery, service, recognize service, value service, offer service, writing, spiritual purpose of service, ministry is service, church, Chile

Let’s learn to serve. And please, let’s also learn to say, “Thank you for your service.” Many people in my church used to have the notion that ministry is a high-falutin’ position occupied primarily by preachers and missionaries. Forget that, I said. The Biblical concept of ministry is service, sometimes in a spiritual arena, but …

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Comfort Food in War and Peace

comfort food, the tin collector's tales #2, comfort food in war and peace, stack of 4 chocolate chip cookies on a plate, legacy of tins, stories about tins

What’s your favorite comfort food in good times and bad? Mine’s pizza with the works, spaghetti and meatballs, or chicken pot pie…and any of the above followed by a handful of warm chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of ice-cold milk. Today’s legacy tin symbolizes the homey comfort of cookies to me. It’s a …

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

make this stuff up, storm troopers pushing giant egg, once upon a time, the transforming power of story, you can't make this stuff up

“Art takes nature as its model,” Aristotle said. In other words, art imitates life—and I believe that to a point, since much of my own writing reflects the settings and characters I interact with every day. While I’ve never suffered from a scarcity of story ideas, after experiencing the Chilean version of a “24” season …

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How to Have a Good Fight

girl in black with pink boxing gloves, bucket list reimagined #19, 100 droplet gifts, how to have a good fight

In the sobering face of the recent demonstrations of civil unrest in the country where we’ve lived for 35+ years—a weekend of street fighting and near-war—I’m changing my original introduction to this post to ask, What are we fighting about? What’s a good fight? If not all battles are bad, what makes one good? “I …

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5 Sewing Lessons from Grammie

antique sewing machine on a table, the tin collector's tales, tin collections, sewing box, sewing lessons from Grammie, grandmother, legacy, inheritance

My grandmother’s antique sewing machine sat beneath a framed print of the Lord’s Prayer in her bedroom for years. Though I rarely saw her use it, I discovered her love of sewing when a pile of handmade linens appeared at my bridal shower, along with a brown octagonal tin box full of sewing notions. This …

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Songs in Babylon

girl in blue jeans with a guitar by the water, bucket list reimagined #18, 100 droplet gifts, getting my song back, by the rivers of Babylon, songs in Babylon, music, harps

Remember that ’70’s pop song, “By the Rivers of Babylon”? I got thinking about it as we’ve reminisced a lot lately. And truth be told, on plenty of days in the past couple of years, we haven’t felt like singing those songs in Babylon, any more than the Israelites. Our doleful tale might read a …

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