Diana Delacruz

How’s Your WIP Coming Along?

glass mosaic, art masterpiece

In writer’s terminology, a WIP is a Work-in-Progress. Our lives, like my books, are a work-in-progress. They’re in process. In preparation, on the path to perfection. When friends ask (some with dubious confidence, I suspect) how my latest project, Anchor at Alcázar Reef, is coming along, I share about four factors that indicate the status …

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Reimagine Your Bucket List

Bucket list gifts for Jesus, seagull operation

Instead of ringing in 2019 armed with a list of well-meant resolutions or creating an ambitious strategy to accomplish your goals, why not consider a makeover of the Bucket List idea? This year I’ve resolved: Enough with the endless catalogue of what I dream of doing before I kick the bucket—whether it’s climb the Eiffel …

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A Smile for Jesus

Gifts for Jesus, bucket list reimagined

A scowl, more like a low growl… that’s what I felt like giving the little girl who crashed into my cart at the supermarket this morning. Instead, I offered her a smile for Jesus’ sake. Call it my present for the Savior today, and you know what? It even worked to defuse both her tension …

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3 Life Lessons from NaNoWriMo

transforming power of story

Besides a good story, what can you discover in a month-long Writing Marathon? During November, in between Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas baking, housecleaning and houseguests, speaking at a women’s retreat and hosting two parties–I wrote 50,289 words in 30 days. That’s around 200 pages, as part of Anchor at Alcázar Reef, my Work-in-Progress, which will soon …

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What I Learned in Chile…

Woods in Chiloé History

On the opening page of Destiny at Dolphin Bay, Melissa Travis must write an essay on her unofficial studies while visiting her missionary sister in an isolated area of South America. Poised on the brink of stirring times, she has little idea at first of living through history—let alone of altering it. Just like some …

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Are Your Books Truth or Fiction?

sea glass on a beach, transformation, power of stories

“Are any of your books somewhat autobiographical?” a friend asked me. “Is Destiny at Dolphin Bay your own story?” A clear, resounding no. And then again, yes, of course. Every story, every setting, every character contains a fragment of myself and my own experiences. Sometimes reality so entwines with imagination that it’s hard to pick …

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Precious or Worthless?

“If you extract the precious from the worthless, you will be my spokesman” –God to the prophet Jeremiah (15:19), 500 B.C. Through the mouth of Prospero in The Tempest, the Bard of Avon (yes, Shakespeare!) spoke of sea-changes–the transformation of the dead-at-sea into other materials and forms: Pearls, coral, food and homes for underwater creatures, gardens and …

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