Diana Delacruz

Are Your Books Truth or Fiction?

sea glass on a beach, transformation, power of stories

“Are any of your books somewhat autobiographical?” a friend asked me. “Is Destiny at Dolphin Bay your own story?” A clear, resounding no. And then again, yes, of course. Every story, every setting, every character contains a fragment of myself and my own experiences. Sometimes reality so entwines with imagination that it’s hard to pick …

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Precious or Worthless?

“If you extract the precious from the worthless, you will be my spokesman” –God to the prophet Jeremiah (15:19), 500 B.C. Through the mouth of Prospero in The Tempest, the Bard of Avon (yes, Shakespeare!) spoke of sea-changes–the transformation of the dead-at-sea into other materials and forms: Pearls, coral, food and homes for underwater creatures, gardens and …

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