Diana Delacruz

Swan Island Secrets

Swan Island Secrets (Secretos de la Isla de los Cisnes)

This new series about the Serrano-De la Cruz family tells Marcos‘s story from the point of view of the woman who falls in love with him.

Swan Pose (Pose del Cisne) – Inspirational Romantic Suspense. When irresistible belle Constanza Belmar flirts with a handsome stranger on the ferry back to her despised teaching internship in the Chilean Patagonia, she’s both abashed and intrigued to learn her mark is soccer star-turned-police officer, Marcos Serrano. Though their paths intersect in a series of harrowing calamities—a bizarre accident, a threat to an endangered species, and an attack on a millionaire conservationist—Marcos remains immovable: No interest in Barbie dolls. Coni chases him for amusement, but wonders if an ugly-duckling heart lies beneath her swan pose. Then, following a dormitory drug bust and the death of a student, she unearths two secrets that could turn her life upside down…and set the entire region reeling. Read an excerpt from the first chapter… 

Swan Dive (Picada del Cisne) – Inspirational Romantic Suspense. The unrivaled Constanza Belmar admits to meeting her match in aloof Marcos Serrano and attempts to engineer some changes in her life—only to discover that old habits die hard and true beauty consists of more than fine feathers. As she and Marcos interact with students and investigate a teenager’s murder, a gang of poachers, and the lurking specter of other criminal skeletons in Patagonia’s closet, her ex-boyfriends keep popping up and temptations to fake it abound. When Coni finally takes a leap of faith into a new world with Jesus, she impresses no one. She’ll have to allow God to truly transform her before she can find the courage to stand for the truth. Read an excerpt… 

Swan Song (Canto del Cisne) – Inspirational Romantic Suspense. A once-reluctant teacher in the Chilean Patagonia, Constanza Belmar shepherds her deprived fourth-graders on the field trip of their lives. But the adventure turns into a nightmare when a freak storm forces the class to take shelter in the remote wilderness of Swan Island. There Coni faces a cast of sinister characters, a wave of chilling discoveries, and a host of practical challenges on her own. When relief arrives with Lieutenant Marcos Serrano, her false friends-AKA-felons make their final play in the showdown. It looks like curtains, but Coni, like the dying swan, resists the darkness…with what may be her last breath. Want to read an excerpt?