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The “What-If” Beach Philosophy

Why bring up beach season in January, you might wonder? Because here in the Southern Cone of South America, we’re reveling in the dog days of mid-summer now. Come hell (tourist traffic) or high water (tsunami warning after a major tremor), we head to the long gray beaches of our city every chance we get.

thalassophile (N.) – a lover of ocean/sea/beach

Are you a thalassophile? I sure am, and so are most of the characters in my novels. My stories are never set far from the sea, perhaps because I’ve never lived more than an hour’s drive from seashores and coastal views. And that, my friends, is a treasure…because I’ve absorbed so much about life while at the beach.

This weekend I turned philosophical, thinking…what if I just decided to choose joy and be happy, no matter what? What about you?

  • If you enjoy the moment and “seas” the day, you might hear echoes of eternity in that seashell.
  • If you take a deep breath of salt air, it will instantly clear the dust from your mind.
  • If you shed your shoes and other excess baggage, you could leave footprints in the sands of time—and make a bigger splash.
  • If you soak up the sun, it will keep your heart warm next winter.
  • While you build sandcastles, collect shells, and stroll on the beach, the answers will sneak up on the breeze.

And listen to Beach Philosophy from Seaglass Books characters…

  • “Prefer the simple, forget the sophisticated. What if a little perspective could completely transform your outlook?” —Melissa in Destiny at Dolphin Bay
  • What if the storm you’re going through now is shaping you for a future bigger than you can imagine?” —Nicolás in Pursuit of the Pudú Deer
  • So what if the shells are crushed and the glass shattered? Every broken thing shines in the right light.” —Cristina in Legacy of the Linnebrink Light
  • What if the winds and tides of change simply pointed you toward your true north?” —Melissa in The Seahorse Patrol
  • So what if the sun’s in your eyes or the wind’s in your face? You can turn around and walk in a different direction.” —Constanza in Swan Dive
  • What if you could ride the waves? Loose your moorings, set sail, and discover something more to the world.” —Valeria in Anchor at Alcázar Reef

For all of us thalassophiles, the sea heightens the senses, stimulates the imagination, and rouses a song of joy in the heart. So what if the world rages around me? The ocean’s roar is my favorite music.

And maybe…you and I are living the life people write novels about. What if…?


    1. There is that too! But you should taste the shrimp-and-cheese empanadas on the boardwalk in Coquimbo… 🙂

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