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What to Name the Baby?

Hi, a short request for you all today. No, I’m not having a baby, I’m quite relieved to say (since I turn 65 this month!) However, my book baby, #2 in the Desert Island Diaries series, is being “birthed” and titled during these days. Could I get your input on what to name the baby?

I’ve called it Pursuit of the Pudú for a long time. But many, if not most, of my readers probably may not know that the pudú is a rare and very small species of deer that lives in the temperate rainforests of southern Chile. So more recently, I added an explanatory word to make it Pursuit of the Pudú Deer.

As in choosing the right name for any baby (or even story characters), it’s an important and sometimes challenging process. No matter what you call it, some will love it and some will hate it. But I’d like to give the baby a name that pleases as many people as possible. So, what do you think?

In a sidebar comment here—a sort of trailer (spoiler warning)—a baby girl is born in this story. She receives a special name from her grandmothers. Perhaps it’s fitting to need help naming the book!

Does adding “Deer” make the title clearer, more understandable for you? Or does it sound awkward or unnecessary? Does just “Pudú” seem more…mysterious? Enigmatic? Does it create curiosity or confusion?

Looking forward to hearing your vote or comments on which title to name the baby.


  1. I’d leave off the deer. As you said, it’s a bit more mysterious if we don’t know what a Pudu is.

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